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Thank you for visiting the about us page of “Motivation Gyan” and for visiting me / or about my site Motivation Gyan.

My name is O.S.Gurjar. I am from Gangapur City, Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. This was about me. Now let’s talk about Motivation Gyan.

Motivation Gyan is a website providing valuable, convenient, relevant and enjoyable online education related to Motivation Gyan, FB Status, WhatsApp Status, Hindi Quotes Student Motivational Quotes, Success life story through a variety of services.

Motivation Gyan: But what you will get

  1. Life Motivational Story
  2. Fb status
  3. WhatsApp Status
  4. Student motivational quotes
  5. Success life story

Main purpose of Motivation Gyan

Creating a large storehouse of knowledge for all the troubled people in daily life and providing solutions to all concerns as per the needs of the people.

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