How to enjoy life every moment happily

How to enjoy life every moment happily

How to enjoy life every moment: Life is a journey, a beautiful journey full of adventure, gifts,miracles . Life’s too short .May be your tomorrow will come or may be not. No one is sure about tomorrow after this we only work for tomorrow and ignore the present.

How to enjoy life every moment happily

Isn,t sure that you will be happy after becoming a billionaier,after marriage or after having children. You can,t be happy in future if you are not happy right now.

Observe everything around you like observe the trees,birds , dogs,stars,the moon etc.

Feel the happiness that come after helping someone, chirping of birds in the morning, a ice cream in hot day,sunshine,the rush you get when you rush to stage, spending whole on bed,the feeling of sand beneath your toes,the smell before and after it rains,the sound of rain against the rooftop,the feeling you get when your favourite song comes on radio, the relife you get after crying,the experience of new culture, etc.

Stop expecting from others that they will make you happy. It all depends on your attitude.Change your attitude everything will change automatically. Like: see problems as adventure, focus on solutions. Stop thinking that people who don,t cry are strong, express your feelings fully, don,t hide them from yourself.Stop doubting yourself.Start smiling more than before.


Share your any good,uniqe,or best experience of your life with me that teached you something and can teach others too.

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