Simple rules of life

Simple rules of life

Simple rules of life: Life is too short. Live your way when you will die you,ll be happy with the way you lived your life .Live your life with these some rules they will make your life beautiful more than before .Don, t read only apply in your life too .Let’s start…

Life rules.

One day you will be gone.
This is true that one day we will die .we all also know this .So don’t be sad enjoy every moment of your life

Be yourself
You have only one life don’t be fake .

Be like a child.
Don ,t take others’ word seriously .Enjoy every moment of life.

Trust yourself.

Everything you need is always within you.

Nothing is worth it if it doesn’t make you happy.

There is nothing you can ,t do be or have.

Focus on what you want.

Spend time in nature.

Practice gratitude.

Say thank you and sorry.

Be positive.

Padhaai Mein man Nahin Lagta (Don’t mind studying)

Try something new.

Make yourself a priority.

Think big.

Use your words wisely.

Don,t compare yourself with others.


Be courageous.

Never forget these rules

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